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Свежие видео БМВ 2021 года. Видео дрифт и тест ...

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What do you use on th vachetta? Apple Garde, Shining ...

 · I don''t understand... Why would you stain the vachetta with a wet cloth? Aren''t you supposed to keep water away from the vachetta ? If you protect your...

What do you use on th vachetta? Apple Garde, Shining ...

 · kow Member. Aug 16, 2012 32 9 manchester n.h. Aug 26, 2012 #129 when i get shining monkey on canvas i condition and protect with armor all wipes! I swear by them! They leave your canvas clean,conditioned and shiney! Been using them for years on my canvas. LVLov3r Member.

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 · The only problem can be with leather parts of the bag like zipper pull tag or handles. You can replace all parts in LV. If you want to buy a vintage piece, you need to look at canvas firstly.


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Vintage LV CLUB ! | Page 50

 · kow. Member. Aug 16, 2012 32 Posts. Yes, I stained my vintage Murakami. No more water stains or uneven patina. I waterproof it with melted coconut oil and mink oil then stained it. I LOVE the color of the leather now AND I never have to worry about water, snow etc. Yes, yes people. I''m crazy.

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Доки по ремонту с картинками. Сервисные документы. Документация на БМВ. Главный портал о БМВ в России это большой форум владельцев БМВ, список автосервисов, документация, возможность купить и продать БМВ, VIN BMW. ...

Polishing/Removing Scratches on Brass? | PurseForum

 · Snaps, zippers, key rings etc [email protected] . B. bickyi Member. Jun 16, 2013 488 21. Apr 21, 2014 #11 kow said: I tried to upload a few pics to show using scratch out but I couldn''t. I had a really old and beat up Louis Vuitton padlock. It was scratched, scrapped, nicks, all the shine was gone etc. I used scratch out that I got from my ...

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 · KoW. Feb 6, 2011 #3 I have the same problem and the same . Unfortunately the fix didn''t work. Any other suggestions? W. winterwolf1223 Posts: 55 +0. Feb 11, 2011 #4